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10 on 10 September: Welcome to Maryland

September 10, 2014

We’ve (finally!) arrived at our new home in Maryland, just outside Baltimore. Relocating has been quite a stressful adventure, but it’s starting to feel like the hardest parts are behind us and we’re on our way to making a lovely home here. My husband has actually been here for about a month. He came up with the movers and started work while I visited my parents. I got here with the kids last weekend. So far we have only been to IKEA twice and the library that’s just across the street. Our apartment is smaller than our previous town home so it’s a bit tricky fitting everything in the 840-sq ft. apartment. I’ve always tended toward minimalism so I’ll continue to pare down until we are comfortable. It’s a little-by-little process unpacking everything. I’m actually planning a whole blog post about moving with little ones– so check back for that! (I need to buy a desk, unpack my computer and get internet installed first. Ha!) But I’m taking things easy and just doing a bit of unpacking and a bit of exploring each day. And today’s 10 on 10 couldn’t have been nicer. The thing I love most about my new home is the incredible amount of natural light! We have huge windows that cover nearly the entire wall of the living/dining/kitchen area. I love that I can stand at my sink and see the living room and out the windows to the green view! I also spent a little time trying to wash diapers in our front loader. I think I figured it out amid all the fancy settings. Those things have a bit of a learning curve, no? We are settling in to a nice routine at home and went to the Irvine Nature Center, which is about 5 minutes away (or, would have been if I hadn’t missed the turn!) I think spending a good bit of time outside is imperative for my son’s well being. He’s so much less anxious. So much more joyful. I think this will be our regular hangout. Here’s a glimpse into our day. How was yours? September: Maryland: Morning Light September: Maryland: Diaper Wash September: Maryland: Turtles September: Maryland: Nature Center Room September: Maryland: Sand Pies September: Maryland: Climbing September: Maryland: This is our new house. September: Maryland: Naps September: Maryland: Dinner September: Maryland: Clubhouse 10 on 10 is a monthly photo essay project designed to help us appreciate the beauty in our daily lives. I’ve participated for years and I still see something new each month. Want to learn more? Click the link below to go to creator, Rebekah Gough’s blog. ten on ten button

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