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Baby Boy Must Haves

March 16, 2013

Here are a few baby boy must haves for the little men in your life!

If you keep up with our blog, you know that I’m expecting a girl this summer, but two other Sweetbottoms Moms are also expecting–guess what–boys! Our manager, Fatimah, and one of our shipping team members, Christie, are looking forward to little blue bundles after both already having girls. I absolutely love outfitting my little guy, who’s now two. These are the things I’d recommend for Fatimah, Christie, or anyone else expecting a boy this year!

Baby Boy Must Haves

1. Little Alouette Wooden Dinosaur Teether These handcrafted teethers come in a variety of shapes. My son absolutely loved chewing on wood when he was teething. He was like a little beaver! Until the new babes are ready for gnawing on these, they would make lovely decor for the nursery shelves.

2. Charlie Banana Pocket Diapers Let’s face it: girls get a lot of the really *cute* prints. Between flowers and butterflies and cupcakes, it’s an explosion of girly fun. But there are a few cloth diaper brands that make some awesome boy prints and Charlie Bananas are some of my favorites. There’s space ships, trucks, bears, and more along with a full spectrum of colors. (And their girl stuff isn’t bad either!)

3. Boba Diaper Dude Carrier- Pinstripe What’s more debonair than pinstripes? Nothing. One of our most popular buckle carriers, Boba, has two limited edition ‘Diaper Dude’ prints. I adore the pinstripe and the camouflage is pretty studly too.

4. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle If you are going to use bottles, I’d go with glass ones. I know I prefer the taste of drinks from a glass over plastic! I have an adult size Lifefactory bottle and people always ask me if I’m worried about it breaking. Considering it’s been manhandled by my toddler and dropped onto concrete several times, I’d say no. The baby bottles come in the smaller 4 oz. size and larger 9 oz. version.

5. Woombie Air Woombies are award-winning, zip-up swaddle bags that fit tightly around baby’s body so he has the feeling of being held or–as the name implies–still being in the woomb! The new line is called Air and has these air flow vents around the chest to promote proper temperature regulation. They would be perfect for summer or could transition into the cooler months with more layers of clothing underneath.

6. Swim Diaper by My Swim Baby Every baby needs an adorable swim diaper for his first dip in the pool or trip to the beach. My Swim Baby makes sweet little diapers with side velcro panels. They also have coordinating rash guards and matching hats. It’s all too cute for words.

7. PediPeds Originals in Jax Navy PediPeds are great shoes come in three different sole types based on your baby’s walking skill level. The Originals have the softest and most flexible soles and are appropriate for pre and early walkers. These are my favorite with the navy, grey and lime combination. I can’t help but drool over baby sneakers. They make my heart melt.

8. Skip Hop Dinosaur Backpack Okay, so this backpack might be bigger than the new baby boys themselves, but they will be toddling around in no time and they’ll need a place to stash their cars and trucks and mashed-up granola bars. I got my son a backpack this size when he was about 18 months and he was delighted to have his own little bag. There are several animals to pick from and matching lunch boxes, too.

What do you think? What are your favorite boy-ish things?

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