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Classic Toys

August 21, 2013 1 min read


The last time I visited my parents’ house, we dug out a ton of classic toys that I’d played with as a child. My mom held on to most of these toys for more than 30 years! I’m an only child so I guess it was easy for her to keep everything. And since it was only played with by me, most of the toys are in great condition. I felt so much nostalgia pulling out all the boxes filled with Fisher Price sets, my dollhouse furniture, and other toys.

One of the things that struck me was how colorful my collection of toys was–proving that girls are capable of playing with a rainbow of colors and not just pink. I did have mostly ‘girly’ toys like Barbie and a myriad of other dolls (Strawberry Shortcakes and Rose Petal Place!). I can remember dressing them all up and sitting them down in front of the television for ‘movie premieres.’ They often hitched rides on my dog’s back, too. Poor thing.

It’s amazing how many memories a treasured toy can hold. Their scent or texture brings back those nearly-forgotten moments from childhood when the only thing on my To-Do List was play. How simple was life back then!


 My son was captivated by the Fisher Price stuff. We actually brought the barn set back home with us.





Oh those teeny tiny forks and knives! I loved this dollhouse when I was little.


How about you? What were your favorite toys growing up? Do you still have any of them?


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