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Cloth Diaper Essentials Part 2

June 11, 2013

Last week I gave you the rundown on the Cloth Diaper Essentials you need to get started diapering your newborn. Today I have the second installment of *must -haves* as you continue on down your cloth diapering journey. Just as with every single other thing about your baby, his or her diapering needs will change with time. Here are a few things you might find fun, necessary, or even life-savers! Essentials Part 2

1. Fun Fluff! After you survive the first few months of constant diaper changes and sleep deprivation, you might start experimenting with different types of diapers and having fun with new prints and colors. It was right around the time my son was 4-5 months old I started getting into Pockets and All-in-Ones after starting with just Prefolds. I know some people aren’t into having a mismatched stash– but for me, I love to try new diapers. I am a huge sucker for the cute prints. In the summertime, my son usually runs around with just the diaper and a t-shirt so it’s fun to find new designs. These are a few new ones that have come out in the last couple of months from Rumparooz (adore the plaids), GroVia (new colors!) and gDiapers (new gPants for the Summer).

2. Some people prefer to use diaper rash cream as a preventative measure from the very beginning. I didn’t start until my son started getting a rash, which coincided with teething. Whichever way you decide to go, it’s very important to use only creams that are safe for cloth diapers. Most mainstream store brands will leave buildup on your diaper and can seriously jeopardize your big investment. We carry only cloth diaper safe creams like this one by MoonDance — made locally in Raleigh!

3. Sometimes diapers just have a case of the stinkies and need something more than your basic detergent. Funk Rock is a great product that helps wipe out that slap-you-in-the-face ammonia smell.

4. You might start noticing the need for more absorbency as your baby grows into toddlerhood. He or she will start drinking more water and might become a heavier wetter because their bladders have grown. They might also sleep for longer stretches! Doublers can be put into any diaper for a few layers of extra absorbency.

5. Many people start using a diaper sprayer after their babies start eating solid foods. At that time, the poop changes consistency and doesn’t just wash away with water like it used to. The diaper sprayer is a handy attachment on your toilet that helps you use water pressure to spray the poop of the diaper and rinse the particles away before keeping the diaper in the wet bag or pail.

6. I cannot believe how much time I wasted trying to get toddler poop off my cloth diapers. Toddler poop is no joke, folks. I tried disposable liners about a year ago, but I quit them because I could never remember to put one in. A co-worker gave me some amazing advice: stick a liner in with each diaper as you fold it and put it away. This way you always have a liner in there and ready to do it’s amazing, poop-catching job.

What were your essentials as your tiny newborn grew into toddlerhood? 

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