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Cloth Diaper Tips for Daycare and Grandparents

February 20, 2013

Guest post by Tanya, Director of Marketing at Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique 

cloth diaper tips for daycare and grandparents

A post on cloth diaper tips for daycares and grandparents – an odd combination? We don’t think so. Daycare centers and doting grandparents often have the same reasons for being reluctant to give cloth diapers a try. The number one thing you want to do when approaching this situation is be patient and bring a diaper with you!

Grandparents remember cloth diapers and daycares immediately think pins and prefolds and stinky pails.  These are not your grandma’s diapers anymore!  The world of cloth diapering has changed a lot and trying to explain it can be overwhelming.

  • It helps to bring in your diaper and wet bag and show them how taking off a cloth diaper and putting it into a wet bag is really not any different than taking off a disposable and putting it into the trash.
  • Show them the liners and how it will save them from any stinky room issues (oh yea – use liners!).
  • Stick with an All-in-Ones or an All-in-Twos system and have everything including the liners all put together for them.
  • If they protest, ask about using covers and disposable inserts or a trial run.
  • Show them how to put the diaper on and stick to one type of diaper.  My mother and husband’s biggest complaint was trying to figure out how many different styles of diapers work.
  • Last thing is no NC state laws prohibit daycares from accepting cloth diapers BUT they can create their own rules to not accept them.

What are your best suggestions for helping ease daycare and grandparent cloth diaper reluctance?

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