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Cloth Training Pants

March 08, 2013 3 min read

Earlier this week, we shared a Potty Training Readiness Quiz and if you took it, you might be thinking about getting your little darling some training pants to start the potty learning process. But don’t worry, you don’t have to rely on pricey, disposable Pull-Ups. There are many cloth options available to help you in your child’s learning.

training pants


Just like with any diaper, there are differences among brands in fit. Based on your child’s body shape, a high- or low-cut trainer might fit better. But there are also differences regarding absorbency and leak protection. All cloth trainers will give your child the feeling of wetness.

Some parents want to avoid leaks for the sake of convenience while others prefer that the child experiences wet clothes as a result of not using the toilet. You will have to decide based on your child and lifestyle which type is best for your son or daughter.

The first two options are the {1} EcoPosh and {2} Blueberry training pants. Both of these are similar to real underwear in that the outside is cotton. There is enough absorbency inside to hold a small accident, but the wetness will wick to the outer layer and onto the clothes. Both come in Small, Medium, and Large sizes– though the EcoPosh run a bit bigger than the Blueberry. EcoPosh are available in solids and Blueberry offer solids or prints.

Then next two are the {3} Charlie Banana and {4} Kawaii training pants. Like the first two, these have the look of underwear. However, these have a leak-resistant PUL outer layer. Because of this, smaller accidents will probably not cause leaks. Both are available in solids or prints. The Charlie Banana is also marketed as a swim diaper. It runs a bit smaller than the Kawaii and has an inner elastic tie that can be loosened or tightened for a better fit.

The last three also have the PUL outer layer, but they also have snaps so that parents have the option of unsnapping a dirty pant instead of sliding it down. However, they still work as a training pant that the child can pull up or down themselves. All three also have customizable absorbency. The {5} Kissaluvs Pocket Trainer comes in a solid outer with printed inner. Like the name suggests, parents can stuff the pocket with absorbent material based on their child’s needs. The {6} GroVia trainer also has a stuffable pocket in addition to its cotton/hemp absorbency. They are a One Size trainer but have an adjustable rise and changeable side panels so they can grow with your child. With the 3T/5T panels on, this is probably the largest training pant. The {7} Flip trainers are sold individually or in packages with the absorbent inserts. These work in a way that’s similar to the All-in-Two diapers: absorbent cotton liners attach to the leak-proof outer shell and can be changed out if soiled. They come in a range of solid colors with contrasting-colored side panels.

I took the quiz for my 2-year-old boy and we got mostly B’s, which meant that he might be ready soon, but not quite yet. I’ve actually already got him some size small Blueberry training pants. I like him to wear them around the house sometimes so he gets the idea of not wearing a waterproof diaper and gets a little practice with the potty. He loves the prints and gets pretty excited about wearing them instead of a diaper. Once he starts to understand the potty at home, I plan to get him one or two PUL-outer trainers so that leaks won’t be a hassle when we are out of the house.

What about you? Are you prepared for potty learning? Have you tried any of these training pants?

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