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DIY Banner

March 01, 2014

I always receive so many beautiful and thoughtful cards whenever there’s a special occasion such as a birth or holiday. I love how someone has taken the time (and spent the money) to write and send me a personal note or thoughtful message. And the cards are often so cute– especially the baby ones! But I usually find myself with a pile of cards put away in a box at the bottom of my closet and it seems like a waste. So I decided to make a very simple DIY Banner with some of the cards I received last year when my daughter was born.

DIY Banner - Re-purpose Greeting Cards - Sweet Talk Blog

I made this super-easy banner while my son was playing one evening. I’d estimate it took about 30 minutes including time to gather supplies– and the inevitable interruptions.

The materials I used were: cards, a hole punch, scissors, gluestick, and a rope-ish cord that I had on hand. You could also use any long ribbon (maybe re-purpose gift ribbon!) or a needle and thread.

DIY Banner - Re-purpose Greeting Cards - Sweet Talk Blog

Here are the steps:

1. Decide which cards to use. I created a balanced banner by placing the largest card in the middle, flanked by alternating smaller and medium-sized cards.

2. Cut the cards along their fold.

3. Glue the two blank sides together. This way you’ll still be able to read the messages easily. Wait a couple of minutes for the glue to dry before you continue.

4. Hole punch the two top corners.

5. Thread the string through your cards keeping the longer part of the exposed cord on the back side.

6. Hang it up!

I decided it was perfect for my daughter’s closet. Now whenever I open it up I can see these sweet reminders of friends and good wishes from the year she was born.
DIY Banner - Re-purpose Greeting Cards - Sweet Talk Blog

You could obviously use any type of card. If you receive holiday cards, you could re-purpose them into garlands to display next year. You could also get busy with scissors and make the cards into a shape and cut a border. For this project I just wanted to keep it simple. But now I’m starting to get more fun ideas about making these and how I could get my son involved. This would be a perfect threading activity.

What’s your favorite way to re-purpose cards?

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