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Featured Freebie: Clean Well Hand Wipes

November 01, 2013 2 min read

Prevention is key when dealing with cold and flu season (especially with those little hands that get into everything). So get your FREE CleanWell All-Natural Well Hand Sanitizing Wipe today !


I have used these since last winter. My son was climbing and crawling all over and I started to feel uncomfortable about giving him food (that he ate with his hands) without washing up. But that’s not always possible. So I started keeping a large container of these in the car. They work great at killing germs without harsh chemicals like Triclosan. I can even use them on his face. I have the Orange Vanilla ones and they actually smell nice.

I love reading about how companies got their start and the CleanWell story is no exception. It began when the founder’s son was born with a rare genetic disorder that compromised his immune system. The family needed to protect their home from germs, but wanted to do so in a way that wouldn’t involve harsh chemicals that would cause further problems. They worked with his mother to create the formula, which uses natural thyme oil. The CleanWell company was later created to share these natural products with everyone. It’s simply amazing how much dedication and love parents have for their kids. We would do anything to keep them safe, wouldn’t we?


To get your FREE All-Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipe, add the featured product to your cart *and* enter coupon code FEATURED at checkout for orders of $20 or more. Your cart will be adjusted so that your item is free. (You must have a total of $15 in your cart after discount is applied.)

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