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For Garden’s Sake

November 12, 2013 2 min read

A couple of weekends ago, we were driving home from the grocery store and decided to take the long way. That’s one of the things that still amazes me about living in Durham– how close we are to the country roads! As we weaved through the breathtaking amber-lined streets, we decided to stop at For Garden’s Sake on a whim. My husband said he’d driven by once and seen goats. So we decided to see the goats, and discovered so much more!


For Garden’s Sake is a locally-owned nursery and landscaping business. I’ve seen their trucks at a few commercial sites around town, but they also do private homes or sell individual plants. Most of their plants, bushes and trees are even grown on-site. Unfortunately, we don’t have a yard (or a patch of grass) at our townhouse. But we still enjoyed walking through the growing plants and imagining we could have a garden this tranquil, maybe one day! Shopping here is an experience that can’t even begin to compare with going to one of the big box retailers.


My son enjoyed calling to the swans and ducks in the pond. He liked the chickens and goats, too, but only from a distance. It was the perfect fall day– not cold enough for a coat, but enough of a chill to keep you active. DSC09861




What a surprise the cluster of alpacas were! They calmly watched us as my son tried in vain to climb the fence.



 They also sell some gorgeous garden accessories. This pottery is like candy to me. I might have to give container gardening a try!


If you’re local to the Triangle, you should definitely visit. They have Fall and Spring Festivals, too. I’ve been attempting to slow down and enjoy the everyday– to  appreciate the unexpected beauty in life. Our little outing to the local garden shop was perfect for doing just that. I love supporting other local businesses. For Garden’s Sake is owned by a woman in Chapel Hill and it’s apparent that these 20 acres filled with life and light are her passion. It makes such a difference, doesn’t it?

Do you have a favorite local shop? Share with us!

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