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Free Featured Natural Baby Product: New Version Reflo Smart Cups

March 04, 2013 2 min read

reflo smart cupWe are excited to announce this month’s Free Featured Natural Baby Product is the newest version of the wildly popular Reflo Smart Cups. This version includes a new, easy to remove insert.  Reflo Smart Cups recently experienced a Pinterest craze that captured the interest of parents nationwide.

About The Reflo Smart Cup
The Reflo Smart Cup ™ is a revolutionary new concept in training cups. It’s a smart alternative to sippy cups and a great transitional tool for your children to learn to drink from an open cup.

No buttons or other complicated mechanisms to operate. It’s as easy as drinking from any ordinary cup without the worry of big spills due to the patent-pending Reflo ™ insert that controls the flow of beverage anywhere along the cup’s rim and at virtually any angle.

BPA-free, phthalate-free and dishwasher safe, the Reflo Smart Cup ™ is designed for safety and hygiene with no moving parts to trap dirt and germs.

Recommended for all ages as a smart alternative to “sippy cups” which have been associated with dental and speech problems.

 About the Reflo Company

Reflo is a small company founded by Pete and Lisa Draganic who, as the parents of three children, realized the need for a transition cup between sippy cups and open cups after countless hours of cup training their children and cleaning up the resulting messes.

Pete, always looking for a better solution to a problem, designed the Reflo Smart Cup as a result of their difficulties with cup training and together he and Lisa officially launched Reflo Ltd in December of 2010.

This endeavor didn’t come together overnight.  Of those three children that inspired the idea, two are now in college pursuing degrees in business and their youngest is a high school sophomore.

Their business startup gained local media attention which then bloomed into national media coverage with footage of Pete working on a lathe in his garage where he designed the first Reflo prototypes.

Since then, Reflo has gained traction around the globe with sales in 19 countries.  Word about a great product travels quite well, it seems.

How To Get Your Free Natural Product (Limited Availability) 

With $35 or more of product in your cart, add the featured product to your cart *and* then enter the coupon code ‘FEATURED’. Your cart will be adjusted accordingly so that your item is free. (You must have a total of $35 in your cart after discount is applied.)

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