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Giveaway for Nursing Moms

August 06, 2013

August is a great month for nursing moms at Sweetbottoms! We had the Big Latch On last weekend, our featured freebie is Babee Greens nursing pads, and this month’s Giveaway for Nursing Moms is a great way to keep the theme going. The Giveaway starts next Monday, so don’t miss it!

Here’s an early peek at our Giveaway for Nursing Moms. (Keep reading for photos from the Big Latch On!)


Cake Nursing Bra

Guess what’s coming soon to Sweetbottoms! We are expecting our first shipment of Cake Bras this month. These bras are so gorgeous I can’t wait to see them in person. Our giveaway includes the best seller Cotton Candy bra. It’s an extremely comfortable bra that will accommodate the pregnant and nursing mom’s growing breasts while providing support and of course easy access!

Lilly Padz

A different kind of nursing pad, the Lilly Padz are made of silicone and actually use pressure to keep the milk in instead of simply absorbing what’s leaked. Each pair is meant to be reused for up to two months!

Leelu B Cover

These stylish nursing covers with matching bags are individually handmade in Canada by a work-at-home mom. They have a rigid, flexible neck that allows moms to easily look in at their nurslings and a strap to adjust coverage.

Milkmakers Cookies

In case you needed an excuse to eat more cookies, these will help boost milk production! Milkmakers cookies are made with ingredients that have traditionally been used to increase lactation and are available in Oatmeal Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal Raisin.


These latch-worthy products would make any lactating mama happy– so enter to win them all for yourself for a friend!


We had a good time at the Big Latch On last Saturday. And it being the state tax holiday didn’t hurt either!

Big Latch On

Big Latch On

Big Latch On

Did you participate in the Big Latch On here in Raleigh or in your city? There were 14,536 nursing pairs who ‘latched’ around the world!

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