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How to Make Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day

May 07, 2015 3 min read

With Mother’s Day this weekend – the question is… what do I REALLY get mom for Mother’s Day and how do I make her feel special?

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Who is it you are hoping to celebrate? Is it a first time mom, a mom of a newborn, a mom of 2 under 2, an expectant mom, your mom? Some Moms want to spend a fun filled day planned with her family, some want to celebrate quietly while the husbands take the kids out of the house. Here are just a few ideas to take into this weekend to help make her day special.


Let Mom sleep in!

Maybe that means packing a quick breakfast the night before and at the first sign of the kids stirring you wake up and quickly dress yourself and them and take them into the car and give them their packed breakfast while you drive around or take them to the park for an hour or two. Those blissful extra minutes of sleep in a quiet house are priceless.

Best For: ANY MOM

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Give Mom potted flowers or plant some flowers as a family.

This is a slightly different spin on ‘giving flowers’. Cut flowers, although beautiful, don’t last forever. And this gift she can enjoy for many months to come.

Best for: ANY MOM


Place little notes around the house for Mom to wake up to.

Take some time to think of some of the things you love about Mom and write them down and then place them in places she will likely see throughout the day.

Best for: ANY MOM, especially a new Mom who is still so unsure about the whole mom gig!

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Set up a Massage for Mom.

It is no lie – Moms like to get pampered! Set up an appointment for her and then give her the address and tell her to go enjoy a relaxing afternoon. You can hold down the fort!

Best for: ANY MOM but especially an expecting Mom… pregnancy massages are amazing!


Make her a special breakfast.

If taking the kids out in the morning is not an option, consider breakfast in bed. Make her eggs and then adorn her plate with a jelly heart and toast. It will make her smile.

Best for: ANY MOM, especially the Mom with a nursing newborn who nurses all night long.

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Make her a weeks worth of freezer meals!

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Follow this link for a 7 day freezer meal prep (or find many others online) and spend the day making all the meals for the next week. She will love not having to think about dinner for a whole 7 days!

Best for: ANY MOM, especially the Mom with young kids.


Set up a Brunch Date with some of her good friends.

If you have the husbands contact information, set up a time that the Moms can meet and enjoy a brunch with out the kids. I am sure the restaurant you chose will be busy but just waiting for a table without having to chase kids around is a vacation! And then while the moms are out eating, invite all the dads and kids over for a playdate.

Best for: ANY MOM


Hand make her a card or other crafts.

This is the kind of gift Mom gets to enjoy and hang on the refrigerator. This is also so special to give to Grandmothers. But even if you don’t have kids and you are looking to give your own mom a little something – draw her a picture, write her a note. She will cherish it forever; its not too often Mom’s get arts and crafts from their grown children

Best for: ANY MOM especially your own Mom


In home date.

End your day with getting the kids to bed and ordering take out. It’s a great way to have a little quiet time with just you and your wife to show her how much you appreciate all she does.

Best for: ANY MOM


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