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September 04, 2013

I spent Labor Day weekend with five children under three years old. Three of them were infants—Tiny Tots. We were at my in-law’s house and my husband’s brothers were there with their families. It was amazing to see how much the kids had changed—especially the youngest ones—in a few months’ time.

My daughter is 7 weeks old, so of course she’s still in the stage that she just needs sleep, milk, and diapering. She’s starting to become more alert and make eye contact with other people, sometimes gracing them with a shy little smile.

There was also a 6-month-old who is putting anything and everything in his mouth, rolling over and trying (in vain) to crawl. He’s so much bigger and more active than my little girl. It’s just unbelievable that she will be doing those things in as little as 4 months from now.

We also had a visit with a newly turned one-year-old. She was born last summer and I spent a lot of time with her when she was a newborn. One year later she’s a completely different baby. She toddles around the house like a curly-headed Roomba. She was captivated by the two older toddlers who walk and jump and talk with ease.

When you have a baby, every one tells you how fast time flies. And I have always tried to treasure every stage that my kids go through. But it’s hard to really understand until you see them grow up so fast. This week is the first in our Birthday Month and we are celebrating our Tiny Tots, who are so busy growing and changing at the fastest rate of their whole lives.

These are a few products that I love for the littlest ones. They also happen to be 15% off through Saturday!



#1 Lifefactory 4 oz. Bottles These beautiful glass bottles come with a protective sleeve that makes them shatter resistant (and colorful!) Using glass for baby bottles might sound intimidating, but these are easy to use.

#2 Moondance Soaps Baby’s First Soap My daughter has sensitive skin: eczema, baby acne, prickly heat rash. We use the oatmeal version of this soap and it seems to help. The pediatrician recommended using a cleanser that is mild and has very few ingredients and that’s just what this soap is. Plus they are made locally here in Raleigh, NC!

#3 Hape Wooden Rattle Mr. Magic is a fun take on the traditional baby’s rattle. Check out our other Hape toys here and don’t forget about our Hape Featured Freebie this month.

#4 Green Sprouts Brush and Comb Set My aunt gave this to me as a gift before my son was born and we still use it today. The brush is made with the softest bristles—perfect for a newborn’s soft head. My daughter loves having her hair brushed! She gets relaxed and smiles up at me. Life is all about the simple pleasures, right?

#5 Monthly Onesie Stickers Keep track of your babe’s exponential growth in the first year with these handy stickers. Just stick one on and snap a photo each month. At the end of the year you will marvel at how many changes took place. These come in a variety of designs and colors too.

#6 Food Tray One of the things I love most about this tray is that it really does grow with your child. You can use it to freeze breastmilk, baby food purees, or as a finger food tray as your baby graduates to each phase of eating. We all know they change so fast, so why not use versatile products that can last you longer!

#7 Sophie Blocks I think all kids should have at least one set of blocks. These are a great first set. Babies can grab for them and gnaw on their soft edges. When your little one gets to that next stage, the blocks can be used for easy stacking and tossing play.

#8 Finger Puppets Green Sprouts makes these little sets of darling finger puppets. They are great for travel or bedtime stories or anytime play. Made from organic materials, you don’t have to worry about your little teether chewing on these!

And don’t forget about the leg warmer freebie this week only!

Help us celebrate Tiny Tots week; tell us about your little one in the comments below!

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