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Last Friday of 2013!

December 27, 2013

I cannot believe the year is nearly gone! What a huge year it’s been for us at Sweetbottoms and for me personally. I can’t imagine what’s to come in 2014. Although, I do have a few ideas about what’s coming in January. This will be my last post of the year. Remember when you were little and it seemed so cool to say “See you next year!” when it was, like, December 31st?

I’ll be back with Giveaway Hints and more features for the January newsletter next Wednesday.

I’ll leave you with this…



I use this hashtag as a euphemism for “breastfeeding” now.ssp_temp_capture{Source}

I love Pinterest but I love Pinterest Fails even more. Why? Because they are hilarious. Like this. Spit up down the back. Grosssssss!


It’s a prank, y’all! Imagine the possibilities with this! The baby shower gift for the crunchiest Mama you know…)



Lookin for a baby name? I got Guadalupe. I kinda like it… wait, does that mean I’m a hipster?

2013-12-27 09.54.48 pm



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