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Life Through Photos | 10 on 10 January

January 12, 2015

10 on 10 | January 2015

I am so excited to start up a 10 on 10 photo blog; The 10th of every month I will be taking 10 photos to document the day.

Here is my very first 10 on 10 post…

I started my day by telling my husband I wanted a clean house for my birthday so the cleaning and organizing began. The kids played and napped on their schedule. My husband practiced his archery, I was able to get some work done. In the evening we took a break and went to my moms to have dinner and my oldest helped her make my birthday cake (iPhone photo). The day ended with cuddling and lounging in our semi cleaned house.


Jan 10on10 _ Raleigh Birth Photography-1_Stopmed Jan 10on10 _ Raleigh Birth Photography-3_Stopmed Jan 10on10 _ Raleigh Birth Photography-4_Stopmed Jan 10on10 _ Raleigh Birth Photography-7_Stopmed Jan 10on10 _ Raleigh Birth Photography-9_Stopmed Jan 10on10 _ Raleigh Birth Photography-10_Stopmed

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