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Mom’s Pick: Blueberry Diapers

September 28, 2013


If you are looking for cloth, Blueberry has you covered– from newborn to potty training and everything in between. Both Swaddlebees and Blueberry were part of the same company that recently decided to consolidate all diapers under the Blueberry name. Everything is now being made with the Blueberry brand, even though many of you may remember ‘Swaddlebees Simplex’ diapers among others. But the only thing that’s changed is the tag and that’s great because these are high-quality, absorbent and cute diapers already!

Blueberry diapers come in every style– Covers, Pockets, All-in-Twos and All-in-Ones. They also have cloth training pants. Most of us Sweetbottoms Mamas love Blueberries. We feel confident recommending them to customers and use them on our own little ones. Personally, I have them all except for the covers and the Minky pockets. (I guess I should be real and say that I don’t have them yet. No, I don’t have a diaper addiction…)

But I’m not the only one who loves them. Charity who is pregnant with her second has some One Size Simplex for her toddler and plans to get more for the new one.

“[The Simplex is] the only diaper that I have never had leaks with, and they are just so darn cute!” she said. ” I can’t wait to get the rest of my Newborn stash.”

Melanie also uses Simplex diapers. She likes how the design makes them fast-drying and absorbent.

“The Newborn size fits beautifully on fresh-out-of-the-womb babies up to 15-16 lbs. The One Size is great for heavy wetters but still trim,” she said.

All these diapers come in a range of vibrant colors and cute prints. The newest print is Dino Party in case you haven’t seen it yet. Want to know more? Read on for a detailed comparison of the different styles.

All About Blueberry Diapers

Blueberry Coveralls come in both Snap and Hook & Loop closures and can be worn over a flat, prefold, or fitted. We carry the One Size, which are quite large (up to 40 lbs) but are able to snap down to a small size (10-15 lbs. recommended). These covers feature the all-important double gussets to keep runny messes inside and off baby’s clothes.


The Capri is an All-In-Two system that comes in two size options. Like the covers, they feature an adjustable rise, double gussets and an option of snap or hook & loop closure. Inside are flaps that will hold the birdseye cotton insert in place. The insert also has a stay-dry panel so you can decide if you want to have that or the natural fiber against your baby’s skin. Having options with this is great because you don’t have to commit to one material. Some babies don’t mind the wetness while others do!


We carry two styles of Blueberry Pocket: the Minky and Deluxe One Size Diapers. Both styles are nearly the same, the main difference being that the Minky has the furry exterior. Just like most pockets, these come with microterry inserts that are stuffed into a stay-dry interior pocket. The Blueberry pocket diapers come with two inserts–one longer than the other–so that you can customize the absorbency your baby needs.


There are several All-in-One options from Blueberry. They all have a similar concept, which is a semi-attached soaker pad that can be stuffed into the interior of the diaper. They also offer the flexibility of a pocket because you can actually add more inserts in the interior if necessary. The One Size Simplex fits babies from approximately 10-35 lbs. My daughter is currently about 13 lbs (though she’s top-heavy) and she can wear these easily. (Pictured at the bottom of the post.) Her brother is on the upper end of the weight range and he can also wear them, but they are getting small.

What’s neat about these is the soaker pad is partially stay-dry fleece so you have the option to flip it up if you prefer. Blueberry is all about the options!


There’s a completely Microfiber/fleece All-in-One called the Basix. It’s sized Medium or Large and features side snaps and a flat front. What’s amazing about side-snapping diapers is how well they adjust to accommodate rounder or skinnier waists and thighs.

The sized Simplex diapers are made with absorbent birdseye cotton and offer a trim, perfect fit. The Newborn starts at 6 lbs and even has a snapdown for the umbilical cord. These were some of the first diapers that my daughter wore after she was born, but they actually still fit with ample room! They are one of the few Newborn diapers that go all the way up to 16 lbs.

DSC09710The Simplex 2.0 come in Medium and Large sizes and have side snaps and a completely flat front, like the Basix. Besides the difference in the interior fibers, the Simplex 2.0 feature stretchy side panels so they really fit well beyond their range. Like I said before, my son is probably close to 35 lbs, but he still has plenty of room in his size large. And that’s a good thing because he’s not showing any interest in potty training.


Blueberry is also a great company to work with and we love that their diapers are made in the United States. Their excellent customer service means that we can get our orders on time so we can keep our shelves stocked for our customers. Though, they do tend to fly off the shelf whenever we restock!

We just got a new shipment in so don’t miss out!


Have you used Blueberry diapers? What did you love about them?

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