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New for Fall

October 23, 2013

I mentioned in my last post about how much I’m loving Fall. I’m actually writing this post before I dash off to the NC Museum of Life and Science with my kids. It will be great to enjoy the mainly outdoor museum framed with golden fall foliage. But I wanted to share the slew of New for Fall products and prints that just came out.

Fall is the time for new things: the new school year starts, new TV shows premiere, festivals and fairs. It’s like we wake up after the long, sleepy summer and suddenly decide to get things in gear! Every Fall is the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. It’s like New York Fashion Week for baby stuff. The ABC is huge trade show for companies to show off their wares and vendors to discover new products. Nobody from Sweetbottoms was able to make the trip… but maybe next year they should send someone to cover it for the blog (wink, wink).

Even though we didn’t get to go, we still have all the new products and prints for your cloth diaper obsession.

First off, there’s the new GroVia prints. This was a big deal last week when they released. But in case you missed it, here they are:


GroVia is also redesigning their Newborn All-in-One and coming out with a new Zinc Magic Stick and cute striped leggings. We will have those as soon as they have them available.

Thirsties has already come out with their new, redesigned Hook & Loop closure. The tabs are much more sturdy than they were before. They also have a completely redesigned pocket diaper coming, but it’s not been released yet.



When I went to work last Sunday, guess what greeted me as I walked into our backstock area. Hello, Charlie.


Rumparooz’s cute Chevron print is just hanging out waiting for it’s October 25 release date. That’s this Friday! You know… we do Facebook giveaways every Friday. Wouldn’t one of these be fun to win? (hint, hint)


Of course, Planet Wise is the Empress of Prints so it’s no surprise they are rolling out a few new ones. Looks like Chevrons are popular this year! I think my favorite is the Toadstool, though.


AppleCheeks is re-releasing it’s black Lake Echo and is also releasing a Limited Edition Steel Me gray. I’ve been using these on my daughter and I’ve been really impressed with the quality and durability even after many washes.




Blueberry Diapers are a big favorite of mine as well. I’m excited to see their new prints in person. They won’t be out until late November, but we already have our pre-order in.


(Photo Source Facebook)

The BumGenius prints are also being shipped later this Fall/Winter. But everyone is already buzzing about them. There are two new Genius Series: Jules and Carroll. These are names for authors Jules Verne (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) and Lewis Carroll (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland). I’ve already decided I’ll get the Jules for my son’s Flip trainer. Because he is going to be potty trained. One day.

DesktopThe other two prints are Artist Series- Tiny Traveler Collection by Chelsea Perry. I get the Piccadilly Circus name– it’s a bustling city square in London and I’ve actually been there. But I’m not sure what the Top Hat is in reference to. Anybody know? Anyway, I love the stained glass look and will probably get both for my daughter. She has a 4.0 already and I like it. Be warned, several of the prints and solids are being discontinued, so you might want to get those while you can. (Say adios to: Iwrin, Maathai, Lovelace, Blossom, Butternut, Ribbit, and Zinnia)

Which ones are you most excited for? 

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