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Postpartum Care

July 09, 2013

As pregnant moms, we make lots of plans for the nursery, the baby, the home, but we shouldn’t forget that we will need postpartum care ourselves! Now that my mom is in town, I’m ready to start the countdown until my little girl makes her debut. I’m 39 weeks and getting excited! I’ve been collecting items that I’ll need for comfort (and survival) in the first few weeks after she arrives.


1. I’ve actually already started using Earth Mama Angel Baby’s New Mama Bottom Spray. Cool and refreshing: it’s pure genius. Really, that’s all I need to say. I was worried about the logistics of using a spray bottle to reach down there, but the bottle sprays upside-down. Like I said, it’s genius.

2. Lip balm wasn’t on my packing list when I had my son, but I actually used it a ton postpartum. My lips were very dry after labor and a nice balm was so soothing and helped me feel a little bit more ‘together,’ if that makes sense. LuSa makes a succulent lip balm in three scents: Citrus, Healing, and Herbal.

3. How adorable is this matching iPlay Mama and Baby sleep set? You could bring this to the hospital or wear it at home for the inevitable slew of visitors that will come to get a peek at the baby. (Tip: if you are wearing pajamas/robe, they won’t stay too long!) Of course, the top is breastfeeding-friendly and it comes in pink, blue and green. We also carry other nursing clothes and bras.

4. Reusable cloth breast pads are great for containing leaks and are more comfortable than disposables. These by Pink Daisy are made from soft Bamboo Velour.

5. Your nipples will definitely need some TLC in the first few days to weeks postpartum. The Motherlove Nipple Cream is one of our most loved. I tried it when I had some cracking in the first trimester and it worked great! I’ve already got it packed in my bag for the birth center.

6. One of the strongest memories I have of the first weeks postpartum with my son is having extreme thirst. The Lifefactory Glass Bottles are ideal for a nursing mama to keep by her side. Available in a rainbow of colors and sizes, the glass bottles are more environmentally-friendly than plastic– and make water taste better too!

7. I’m trying out cloth pads for postpartum this time and I’m actually really excited about it. I figure if baby girl gets to wear nice cloth diapers, I shouldn’t be stuck in disposables! Shown above are Bamboo Velour Moonbow Pads in the X-Large size. Of course, I’m trying a variety of different ones and I’ll report back on how they work out.

8. To store your comfy Mama Cloth, we recommend a Planet Wise Wet/Dry Travel Pouch. The front zippered compartment will hold your fresh pads while the top zipper has a PUL-lined pocket that will hold the soiled ones.

Have you tried any of the items on my list? What were your must-haves in the first postpartum days?

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