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Solving Night Time Diaper Dilemmas

January 23, 2013 3 min read

Guest post by Tanya, Director of Marketing at Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique

solving-night-time-diaper-dilemmasLet’s deal with the giant elephant in the room, shall we.  Night time diapering is pretty much the number one reason for reaching for a disposable diaper.  Between the leaking and the overwhelming ammonia barnyard smell in the morning a lot of moms ditch the night time cloth real quick.

Let’s talk about leaks first- here is when I will tell you WOOL is your best friend.  Don’t be afraid of wool, you do care for it differently but it isn’t harder.  Wool breathes to help prevent rashes from that marathon sleep session and it absorbs up to 30% of its weight in liquid (more on that in another post). Whatever night time diaper you use put a wool diaper cover over it and help save your sheets.  The ying to wool’s yang is a good fitted diaper.  There are many options out there and I am just going to go over some of my favorites while I was cloth diapering 2 preschoolers at night!

  • EcoPosh  – The number one most absorbent diaper in my opinion is Eco-Posh.  I feel like that thing could soak up a lake and still have room to spare. The down side is it’s bulky and it tends to hold stink, but bulky is my washing machine full of sheets every night so I am good with a bubble butt baby instead AND wash your Eco-Posh more often and in HOT water through all cycles and you won’t have the stinks either. They come in newborn sizes as well.
  • Tiny Tush Trim Hemp 4.0 – Hemp is extremely absorbent and I used these fitteds many nights with my kids.  I did sometimes add a microfiber type booster under the snap in soaker because sometimes hemp needs a chance to grab up the pee as it isn’t a quick absorber.  These diapers are also VERY roomy…they fit for a long time and can fit pretty young babies as well.
  • Sustainablebabyish Snapless-Multi Fitted – I probably used these diapers the most because I used them during the day too!  These diapers do great with a snappi and are very absorbent.  They are also easy to treat for stink issues but ironically they have very little stink issues because of the material.
  • Flip Diapers One Size Diaper Cover – I know, a cover with no gusset sounds crazy, right?!  But I used these a lot on the road diapering at night so I didn’t have to worry about my wool air drying during the day.  I used 2 microsuede Flip Stay Dry Inserts with a Flip cover and they never leaked.  The trick?  Make sure your rise is adjusted correctly.  The other bonus on this diaper system is that they fit FOREVER…my four year old who just stopped wetting at night still fit in them.
  • Wool Diaper Covers – I like adding a wool cover to any night time diaper I use including the Flip system just as added protection BUT you want a full stretchy knitted cover that will fit over all that bulk.  Recycled sweater covers tend to not be that.  I like Aristocrats Wool Soakers, Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Covers and EcoPosh Wool Diaper Covers best.  All in varying price ranges.

What are you favorite night time diapering solutions? We’d love to hear what works for you!

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