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Some weeks are more productive than others

January 18, 2014

GB in Swaddlebees

Charity works in retail at the Sweetbottoms brick-and-mortar shop and she had a very productive week! Congratulations to her and her family on the birth of her baby boy! Here he is cuddled up with Mommy rocking his Dino Party print Swaddlebees Newborn AIO. Gosh, it feels like just yesterday I was the new mom of a fresh baby. There is a certain feeling that’s a mix of exhaustion and disbelief when a new person comes into your world, am I right? Oh and the way they smell.

Man, I was eyeballing some newborn stuff at the store last night. Uh oh.

Well I’m not the mom of a newborn anymore. My little girl is six months old and she decided to pop out some teeth this week! She’s also trying out crawling. It’s been a productive week for her as well.

I’ve been a bit adrift myself. There were several posts I wanted to get out this week, but the combination of a lingering cold and a certain software update that didn’t mesh with my operating system (my computer is from 2008- it’s a dinosaur, y’all) left me unable to get much done. But I’m searching for a fix. One thing that keeps me interested in work is when a problem comes up and I have to work around it. It might be frustrating, but it’s also really satisfying to solve the puzzle.

The hubby and kids are better now. I’m still dealing with sinus congestion. Feels like I have a concrete in my head. I’m going to try drinking some ginger and thyme tea. Anyone use that for congestion?

I’ll settle for a few cheap laughs to get me through.

1. This stay-at-home Dad’s tumblr is a hoot. I’m going to start using sticky notes like this. Get ready for it.

2. This American Life is one of my favorite radio shows. I even got to see Ira Glass once. Amazing! Here’s a funny one.

3. Clueless has a Twitter account. Do you feel old?

4. Pregnant Chicken is the best. Here are some truly awkward pregnancy photos.

5. Everyone I know is taking this quiz. It told me I should be in London. Hmm…


More organization and playtime posts coming next week!

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