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Spring Walk

March 28, 2014

spring walk tree

Now that the weather seems to be turning a corner toward spring, we’ve started taking more walks. I’m fortunate to live in a location where we can walk to several stores and even the mall. But last week we took a walk with a very specific purpose: to look for Spring! Going for a Spring Walk with my little ones provided us with a refreshing afternoon and several learning opportunities.

Here’s what we did:

spring walk magnifying glass

1. Bring a camera and/or magnifying glass. We used our magnifying glass to inspect tiny buds and flowers. Besides documenting our walk, the camera also came in handy for zooming in on those hopping red-breasted Robins.

spring walk daffodil

2. Make a (mental) vocabulary list. Since I’m homeschooling my son, I try to incorporate traditional curriculum in our daily lives. Considering the seasons as part of his “science” learning, I wanted to point out a few terms. I made sure to show him buds, petals, leaves, flowers, branches, daffodils, trees, and bushes. Giving him the vocabulary in the context of his everyday life is a great way to increase his understanding of the world around him.

spring walk robin

3. Don’t forget to listen. In spring there are so many things to see, it’s easy to overlook the sounds. We noticed several bird songs and goose honks. (These geese weren’t nesting yet, but they are very dangerous once they start, so watch out for that!)

spring walk wind4. Show them wind. The invisible force can be confusing for small children. Ask them to watch as the grass and trees bend with the breeze. Ripples in a pond or lake can also illustrate wind’s force.

spring walk bud

5. Make a book. After our walk, I had our photos printed and we made a little book with all the signs of spring that we saw. I wrote the key words like “bud” and “flower” so he could start to learn them. The book is helpful in reinforcing what he learned. We can also use it to compare the changes that will come in the next season!

Has spring begun in your area? How are you welcoming the new season?

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