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Summer Essentials

April 04, 2013 3 min read

At Sweetbottoms, we are already getting geared up for warmer weather and have all the summer essentials you will need for you and your little ones in the coming months!

Today in Raleigh it was in the 40s and rainy; but a girl can dream, right!? Depending on where you live, you may already be ready to break out the bathing suits and flip flops. And some of you might be dealing with a winter that just won’t quit! But either way, it’s nice to be prepared for that first warm, sunny day.


1. Adios Outdoor Body Spray by JustNeem is a must-have for keeping those bloodthirsty mosquitoes off of your little ones. Neem is a type of tree found in many tropical regions of the world. It’s leaves are used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. I tried this spray last summer and it really cut down on the bites my son got on his juicy little legs. My husband was actually amazed when I brought it home. He grew up in India and told me that sometimes people would sleep under Neem trees to keep mosquitoes away!

2. We have a wide variety of sun hats for both girls and boys in prints and solids. Hats are so important in keeping the sun’s harmful rays off your child’s delicate skin. The ones by iPlay are even made with UPF 50+ fabric.

3. The iPlay Flexi Specs are wraparound sunglasses that come in two sizes– infant and toddler. The strap is secured in the back with Velcro and the sunglass part is flexible so it won’t be easily broken.

4. Episencial Sunny Sunscreen is a gentle lotion that’s safe even for newborns. It’s made without additives, parabens, phenoxyethanol, harsh preservatives, EDTA, SLS, synthetic fragrances, phthalates or gluten. It’s non-greasy and transparent, too.

5. The new prints of iPlay Skirty Tanksuits are here! These adorable tanks offer UPF protection with fun prints and matching hats. They have built-in swim diapers to keep your girl from having a wet suit before she gets in the water.

6. Of course, iPlay also has a new prints for boy swimwear! Who says you can’t wear penguins in the summer? The three patterns of trunks also have matching rash guards and hats. They have a built-in swim diaper and adjustable waist.

7. The Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Toys are a simple way to keep your kids engaged at the beach. Made in the USA from Mirel (a bioplastic made from corn), these sturdy toys are actually biodegradable and don’t contain weird chemicals like BPA, phthalates, or PVC. And everything packs up into the lidded box for portability!

8. Charlie Banana Swim Diapers are one of several kinds we carry. Not only do I adore the prints on these, but I also like how there’s a little bit of absorbency to catch pee when you are poolside (or in the car seat!). These pull down, have an adjustable waistband drawstring, and have water-resistant PUL on the outside. They also do double-duty as a training pant. I got some for this year so my son can wear them under trunks that don’t already have a built-in diaper.

9. The Gypsy Mama water wrap is a fantastic way to take your tiny one to the beach, pool, or shower. These, along with TaylorMade Mesh Slings, allow you to get in the water with your baby securely attached and both hands free. I still remember my son’s first trip to see the ocean. He was completely silent as he stared at the crashing waves. It was such a relaxing experience!

So how’s your weather so far this April? Are you still wearing your winter coat or are you planning a trip to the pool?

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