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The Sweetbottoms Newborn Diaper Rental Program

June 26, 2016

12919850_10153420282996791_6137046328375626241_nThinking about cloth diapering your newborn, but a little daunted by all the info out there about CDing?

Not sure how to get started?

So many options that it’s confusing?


If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, I have the answer.


It’s the Sweetbottoms Newborn Diaper Rental Program!


I used this with my third baby, and it was so easy! He was born on Oct 11th, and on Oct 15th, my rental was delivered right to my house! It was washed and ready to go and included everything I needed to get started! (Even without my existing stash).

So what do you get with a rental? A whole lot of fluffy awesomeness, that’s what! 🙂
You get 24 fluffy, soft, super absorbent organic cotton, newborn size fitted diapers (either Blueberry or Clover, or a mix of both), 4 Thirsties Size 1 diaper covers, a small pack of detergent, and a few samples. And let me tell you, these diapers can handle anything! I found myself reaching for the fitteds more then the newborn all-in-ones I had already, because the fitteds held up to anything my new boy could throw at them. They are also the perfect nighttime diaper, since they are stay-dry and so absorbent.

The Thirsties covers are some of the best you can get. They are durable, keep in leaks like a dam, and come in a wide range of beautiful colors and prints. When I was working in the Sweetbottoms store, many people used the $100 rental credit to buy the next size in the Thirsties, just because they loved them so much.

Credit, right. Let’s touch on that. The rental costs $220 for pre-loved (used) diapers, or $320 or all new diapers, for three months. Now, that can seem like a lot, but when you look at the cost of buying all new diapers right off the bat, this actually saves you money, especially if you are not quite sure about the whole cloth diapering thing. Plus, in 3 months, you would spend roughly $200-$300 on disposable diapers (on the high side), so it comes out about even. (And remember, you get all the stuff listed above.)
But it gets better. If you return your rental on or before the day it is due back, you get $100 of your original rental cost back in store credit! That means you can use that $100 to start your own stash of cloth diapers! Or, if you decide that cloth is not for you, or you have a good stash already, there are plenty of other things at Sweetbottoms that you can use that $100 for. (New carrier, anyone? 😉 )

Now, there are a few other things you will need. The rental does not include anything to store your used diapers in, so you will need to purchase a wet bag or pail liner. And if you are afraid that you will never use a wet bag again if you decide that cloth diapering is not for you, just check out this post. You can never have too many!
You will also need a cloth diaper safe diaper cream. You will be provided a list of cloth diaper safe creams when you get your rental. (Hint: it’s pretty much anything Sweetbottoms sells. Just steer clear of creams with zinc and/or fish oils. Those stick in cloth diapers and hold on to the stink. Plus, if you use them, it will void your $100 on-time return credit. You also cannot bleach the rental diapers. That will also void your credit. Sunning is the best stain remover. 🙂 )

Overall, I was very happy with diaper rental. I have been using cloth diapers for almost 4 years, and I can say that I will be seriously considering the diaper rental when I have my next baby.

You can find all the info you need about the diaper rental here and you can read the terms and conditions here. And, as always, if you still have questions, you can just message and someone will get back to you ASAP!

The Sweetbottoms Diaper Rental – The Prefect Answer to your Cloth Diaper Question. 🙂

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