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Valentine’s Day Gifts

February 06, 2013

Do you need Valentine’s Day gifts? Are you expecting one from your significant other? It’s hard to believe that January has already flown past and V-day is next week! We have lots of sweet gift ideas for everyone you need to buy for– from your mom to your kids– right here at Sweetbottoms!


{Featured above: 1. Jellystone Organic Pendant; 2. My Little Legs Bubblegum Hearts Legwarmers; 3. MoonDance Soaps Better Body Butter; 4. Rubbabu Car; 5. Amber Cognac Honey Drop Necklace; 6. Ergo in Heavenly Holland}

If you’ve been by the store recently, you might have seen our Valentine’s Day table in the window. Besides a few gift ideas, we also have a file for your own gift wish list. Just fill out a card and send your significant other into the store. It’s worry-free gift giving!

And don’t forget to come in on Saturday, February 9 for our Twice as Nice Event. You will receive double the Bottombucks for every dollar you spend. That means $50 will count as $100! (In case you haven’t been to the store in a few months, here’s how Bottombucks work. Every time you make an in-store purchase, we write down how much you’ve spent pre-tax on your card. We keep the cards in the store so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of it. When you fill up your card with 6 purchases, we send you a gift card for 10% of what you’ve spent. There’s no dates to keep up with and no expiration.)

twice as nice

So what are your plans for Valentine’s Day? I’ll be working retail at Sweetbottoms. See you there!

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