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Why Choose Cloth Diapers?

June 05, 2012 2 min read

In the past, Cloth diapers were messy, thin, and uncomfortable for the baby. They had to be clipped with diaper pins then covered with plastic pants.

Welcome to the diaper revolution!

Diapers have been upgraded with new materials and high tech fabrics. They now have Velcro or snaps instead of pins. They fit the baby comfortably and they are waterproofed.

They are healthier for the baby!

Disposable diapers contain a toxin called Dioxin that has been proven to cause cancer, skin diseases and many other health threatening conditions. Disposable diapers also contain sodium polyacrylate which is the absorbent gel-like substance you see when the diaper gets wet. This is the same substance that was removed from tampons because it causes toxic shock syndrome. Cloth diapers are free of all these risks.

They are better for the environment!

A little factoid, 80% of the diapering done in the U.S. is disposables. That equates to 18 billion diapers a year! Think of all the materials that have to be acquired and manufactured to make all these diapers, not to mention they are filling up the landfills! The idea of a disposable diaper is false. Yes, you get rid of them personally, but our planet does not. They are with us forever.

They are cheaper!

Did you know that with every baby you will spend up to $3500 in diapers? Yes you will have to purchase, wash and dry cloth diapers. However, even with all considerations you will still save potentially half of what you would spend on disposables.

When you consider the health factors, the environment, and the financial savings how can you not consider giving them a try?


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