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AppleCheeks 2-Size Envelope Cover

Size Guide
AppleCheeks 2-Size Envelope Cover Size Guide


Size Weight Range
one 7-20 lbs
two 18-35+ lbs
  • AppleCheeks 2-size envelope cover AppleCheeks envelope cover comes in 2 sizes: size 1 fits 7-20 lbs, size 2 fits 18-35+ lbs (please note that weight ranges are approximate).

    Made with an outer layer of waterproof, breathable PUL fabric, sewn to a soft and absorbent micro-fleece inner layer, guaranteeing the most effective and smoothest cloth diapering solution! Equipped with durable elastic at the legs and waist, as well as 2 rows of easily adjustable snaps, AppleCheeks envelope cover ensures both a secure and gentle fit (over a wide variety of fitted diapers). Similar to a pocket diaper, AppleCheeks covers feature a unique envelope design. But, unlike with a pocket diaper, there is NO NEED TO UNSTUFF! The absorbent inserts come right out in the wash!

    Add an AppleCheeks Bamboo Insert or an AppleCheeks Stay Dry Microterry Insert to make it a "Little Bundle!"

    Made in Montreal,Canada

  • Important! Before your first use of your diapers:

    • All diapering products should be prewashed at least once prior to use. Bamboo inserts should be washed three times on hot and dried once on hot to ensure optimal absorbency.

    2 sizes:
    size 1 fits 7-20 lbs
    size 2 fits 18-35+ lbs
    (please note that weight ranges are approximate)

    Washing instructions:
    Run the full wash cycle with hot water (140 degrees F°) and the manufacturer's recommended amount of a residue-free, scent-free, softener-free, glycerin-free detergent on the double rinse option. If you use a top loader or a front loader, continue to use the manufacturers recommended amount of detergent.

    Caution: Use a ZERO-RESIDUE detergent and ensure that the detergent does not contain sodium percarbonate. Do not use bleach on any AppleCheeks products. Please note that an extra rinse considerably increases the life of PUL fabric. In order to prevent the delamination of your PUL fabric, avoid the following in your wash cycle: perfumes, dyes, fabric softeners, UV brighteners, natural oils, stain guard ingredients, and enzymes (can cause rashes on some babies' skin). Please be cautious about using baking soda and/or vinegar, as they can cause delamination.

    Drying instructions:
    AppleCheeks recommend hanging your envelope covers to dry as it extends their lifespan. Envelope covers are also machine-friendly – the suggested maximum temperature is 130 degrees F°, set on 'delicate’, and then with air only (no heat). Inserts can also be machine dried (on medium) or hung to dry. Inserts drying tip: if you choose to hang your inserts to dry, a rapid spin in the dryer while they are just a little bit damp will create softer inserts.

    1. TIPS:  Attach snap at leg level before attempting to attach snap at tummy level. The leg and tummy snaps do not have to be at the same setting (i.e. - tummy snap can be on snap number two from middle and leg snap on snap number three from middle). The diaper fits correctly when you can get one finger between the elastic and your baby's skin. We suggest fully extending the leg elastic by pulling out the wing PRIOR to snapping the diaper. For nighttime use, for naps or for extended periods, consider increasing absorbency by adding boosters or additional inserts.

      How to Change the Diaper: Empty all solids into the toilet. If the cover is still clean, add another insert and replace the diaper onto your baby. If it is too wet, choose a new diaper. After changing your baby, store soiled diapers in a waterproof wet bag or diaper pail with liner until time to wash. 

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