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Diaper Dawgs

Diaper Dawgs (2pack)

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  • Have you ever cringed while handling your baby’s dirty cloth diapers?

    Guard your hands with a pack of Diaper Dawgs!

    Diaper Dawgs were created by a mom who was just learning the ins and out of cloth diapering when she came across a problem she just couldn’t “handle” anymore. When catching a glimpse of a silicone kitchen mitt hanging on the oven door, this mom decided to scratch her own itch of making laundry day a little less gross. She imagined something just the same but small enough to fit her fingers only and quickly grab those icky inserts. At that moment, Diaper Dawgs were conceived.

    Diaper Dawgs’ composition is much like their oven mitt counterparts. The difference comes in Diaper Dawgs’ unique sizing, which fits just around the fingers to simulate a mom reaching for a soiled cloth diaper insert to pull or snap it off.

    Diaper Dawgs are patent-pending, flexible, slip-on silicone barriers that act as guards between fingers and infant excrement during the typical cloth diaper cleaning routine.

    Diaper Dawgs make cloth diapering…

    • more sanitary when handling soiled cloth diaper inserts by reducing direct contact with fecal matter that can find a hiding place under fingernails
    • quicker to launder by allowing mom to reach in confidently and firmly to fetch soiled inserts from cloth diaper covers and avoid playing the “fingertips-only” or “shake-my-cover-till-it-falls-out” time-wasting games
    • more eco-friendly by eliminating the use of excess paper and disposable plastic bags that mom used when scraping soiled inserts
    • more enjoyable with fun-sized dogs, sold in colorful companion packs, that mom doesn’t have to hide behind closed doors ­– the perfect “companions” for the cloth-diapering mom!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Super helpful!

I had to buy two sets of these because they are also fun toys for me to play with my daughter. They make her laugh every time! They are also wonderful for what they are meant for, keeping your hands clean while messing around with your cloth diapers! I hated wasting gloves every time I went to clean a messy diaper. These are totally helpful

Love these guys!

I adore my finger guards I purchased! They help me avoid touching any mess that I might have otherwise. Since they can stand on their own I can store them together by placing one on the flat side and putting the other one mouth to mouth. This ensures I don't lose either and makes it easy to grab one when its needed. They also make cute little finger puppets to distract baby when changing diapers! You should own at least 2 pairs to keep around!

most versatile dawgs

I love our finger guards milo and buddy. They so cute and useful. They really help for super yucky clean ups. I use to not only separate my pocket diapers but to also swish my all in one's. I love how you can easily at them down if you have to step away while rising. My daughter also thinks they are the cutest little finger puppets. They keep my son entertained during diaper changes and is a big benefit. I need multiple sets of these.

Works, could be better

I enjoy using these. They are adorable and do help when I have to do a quick shake into the toilet or pull out inserts from my pocket diapers. For bad messes requiring a dunk and swish, these are useless. The water splashes inside and covers my fingers as they only go up to my knuckle. I don't have a diaper sprayer (yet), but am sure that using these with a sprayer will eliminate any yucky water sneaking inside.

Look mom, doggies!

Functionally, these are okay. I thought these little poopy diaper holders were a brilliant idea, and my older kids (ages 2y, 4y, and almost 6y) thought they looked like toys. They keep running off with them which is a sanitation hazard in my mind. They were not detected even after explains toon was given on the intended purpose of the Dawgs, that they are "dirty Dawgs". The Diaper Dawg is too cute for its own good. I'm probably going to sterilize them and stop using the kids "finger puppets" on the diapers.