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Organic Moringa For Milk

Clinically proven to increase milk supply up to 175%!

Recent Reviews:
  • "I was getting only 0.5 oz from my slacker side while pumping at work, and today I got 2.25oz!!!!!!"
  • "This is an amazing product! I have tried other products in the past and this one showed results!"
  • "Would definitely recommend this to any moms with supply issues, you will absolutely see a difference and it doesn't affect the baby."
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Organic Teething Oil

Reduce Swelling, Inflammation, and Gum Pain without Toxins and Harmful Chemicals

Recent Review:
  • "I bought this teething oil for my baby girl because I wanted to use something all natural to try and help ease her discomfort. I really appreciate that Sweetbottoms is offering a product like this on the market. We tried another teething oil that was also all natural, but my baby would grimace every time we put it in her mouth. I tried it myself and it was pretty bitter. When I tried this Sweetbottoms oil, it tasted much better, quite mild, and my baby doesn't grimace when we use it. Honestly I'm not sure if it helps her gums feel better or not. Don't expect to put the oil on and for the baby to instantly stop crying from total relief. I wouldn't expect that from any all natural oil that doesn't have something unnaturally potent in it. But my baby does not like having frozen fruit or cold toys in her mouth so this is at least something we can do to try and help her. Above all, I am just very happy with the quality of the ingredients compared to other teething relievers out there."
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All Natural Soothing Herbal Balm

Moisturize and Soothe Minor Skin Ailments and Diaper Rashes

Recent Reviews:
  • "The only cream I trust - I first tried this product when I was given a sample of it when I purchased another item from this seller. I fell in love. I use it at the first sign of redness or irritation on my baby’s bottom and by the next diaper change it is gone! I love the fact that it is all natural. This is the only cream I will use on my baby."
  • "Love this product! Received a travel size jar as a baby shower gift and it works so well we had to get more. It’s gentle on our baby’s bottom and relieved the diaper rash he was getting."
  • "I bought this for my Mom's dog Bonnie who has an allergic reaction to the sap released by freshly mown grass. She applies it nightly and it works wonders on Bonnie's irritated tummy. Goes on thick but is absorbed quickly. She couldn't be more pleased with what it has done for her sensitive little sidekick."
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