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Balm Baby

BALM! Baby - Teething RUB! (1 oz)

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  • Made of an infusion of Mother Earth's most gentle herbs, this teething rub is safe for even super little ones! Helps to alleviate swelling, pain and inflammation caused from teething. Also helps to calm little minds (& big ones too). Pair with ourBalm! Baby Teething Tincture for the perfect teething relief combo.

    • 1 oz / 30 mL Glass Bottle with metal cap
    • Quality, Inexpensive GIFT!
    • Natural, Made in Hawaii, USA
    • Safe for Babies!
    • Vegan
    • Stored in a 1 oz. GLASS jar (attractive & infinitely recyclable) We don't compromise when it comes to the ecosystem our your health.
    • (Pretty Much, da BALM! Baby!)

    • Directions:

      Shake Well then Rub 1 drop up to 1/4 tsp. directly on gums (amount will depend on each baby- adjust as needed, Use up to several times a day as needed.* We advise to TRY on yourself FIRST as a test. It should taste spicy and numbing sensation may occur.

    • Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic catnip & chamomile, clove bud, tocopherol (vitamin e) and clove bud pure essential oil.

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Worth the money

    I bought this as a shower gift for my sister, (sadly I didn't find it until after my own were done teething). For my own children I made a clove oil preparation. This has other ingredients in addition to the clove that I recognize from my herbalist training to be both safe and effective (anti inflammatory and calming) for babies, and for internal use (they will swallow some...). I would definitely not hesitate to use this for my own children.

    I love Balm Baby!

    This is my first time ordering the Balm Baby teething rub but I’ve used their other products in the past and absolutely love them. I really like the quality of the teething rub. There are only a few ingredients, all of which I am okay giving a EBF Baby. My LO doesn’t mind the taste/smell of the clove and it seems to help in seconds. A little goes a long way too.

    Teething RUB!

    In love with this product and how fast it puts my sweet little one at ease! If her teeth are hurting she will go right to the cabinet and get it for me!

    My new teething remedy must have

    I never write reviews, but I feel like I need to for this product. It has given me my sleep back and therefore, my sanity back! My 5 month old has been teething so bad, he was waking up constantly throughout the night and refusing to take naps. After I started applying the teething rub before nap/bedtime, he started to sleep through the night and was back to taking naps. I tried putting him down for a nap without any and he was awake 10 minutes later. It has only been a couple days since I started using it, but I am convinced it works! So thankful I found this and that Sweetbottoms carries it! If you are on the fence about buying it, go for it.

    Bitter tasting, but good tingly numbing

    I haven't used this on my baby yet, but I went to the dentist the other day and was a little sore so I decided to try the balm on myself. It didn't taste very good, bitter and herbaceous, but it did a great job of numbing the area it came it contact with. I can see where a little one would be resistant at first, but the numbing sensation lasted a good while. I can see how this would work very well on the tender spots.