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Hemp Babies Flat Weeds (Hemp Flats) - 2 pack

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Hemp Babies™ Flat Weeds (Hemp Flats) are completely customizable to your baby's shape. These flats are a 27" x 27" square of hemp jersey made with 55% Hemp, 45% Certified Organic Cotton.

Many customers find these a perfect, super absorbent one-size system, fitting your baby from birth through potty training. As your baby gets older (or for overnights), you can just lay another folded flat inside for some extra absorbency.

Flats are also great way to stuff your pocket diapers. Because they are one layer of material, flats get clean very, very easily. If needed, you can even hand wash this product!! Flats also line dry in a snap.

If you are traveling internationally and may be without a washer or dryer, this is one of the products that we'd recommend for your trip.

Designed by a mom and made in the U.S.A.

Hemp Babies Flat Weeds

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

My husband accidentally forgot to put a cover on our 7 month old after folding one of these flats & using a snappi to secure it. I co-slept with our baby all night and this flat didn't leak at ALL! By morning she was just barely starting to get damp on the outer edges when I changed her morning diaper and discovered the missing cover! I'm totally sold on these! Along with the positives there's a few things to note: 1.They shrink (all hemp products do), 2. They shrink into a rectangle (so if you're folding the flat on baby you'll need to fold one side in to make it square again), 3. They stain easier than cotton (lay them out still wet in direct sunlight and the stains will sun out!), 4. They are pretty rough (Cut up some microfleece from the craft store & make homemade liners. Lay one inside and voila, your hemp flat is now a stay dry, super soft flat!), However the absorbency far outweighs the cons!

Found our night time solution!

My girl is a heavy wetter. Probably the queen of them. Nighttime has been the biggest challenge. Got these 2 flats and folded one into an insert shape and stuffed one of her pocket diapers. Well, that was the perfect thing to do! It soaked evenly 7 hours through the night. She could've gone longer as it wasn't as soaked as it couldve been. I changed her into another diaper set up the same for the next 6 hours. Perfect and not bulky. Ordering more! What a relief. To have found this solution. No more disposables for us.

Trim and absorbant

My daughter is a heavy wetter, but these flats hold a ton without the bulk. I can double this with a bamboo flat for overnight usage. I hate changing diapers in public restrooms so I put this on my daughter when out and about so I can get away with changing her every three hours. I can easily go four hours with this diaper - which I don't like to do but traffic jams happen. I only have seven of these flats which I bought before the price went up over a year ago. I wish I bought more. These last longer than my "luxury" stretchy bamboo WAHM flats.

Hemp flats are the best!

I can't say enough good things about this. It's difficult to find hemp flats in general but it's such an amazing fabric in a flat. First I must say that this did not retain its shape well for me. They're all out of shape. However, I can still fold it with no issue (I use the airplane fold) and I use this for nights and long trips. My boy isn't a heavy wetter and I use this flat with a hemp insert and only the front is wet in the morning. I could probably get away with using this alone for nights. If we know we're going to be out and quite busy and I want his diaper to last a while, I put this on. The very best part is, it's so trim! I mean, this could be the trimmest diapering option I have and I own a few luxury bamboo flats too and I'd say this is trimmer than that. I find the price tag cotton babies puts on this a bit much but one would be hard pressed to find hemp flats let alone one that's a lot less pricey.

Easier than I thought

This flat is super easy to fold and holds a lot. We have been successful with it overnight and it is less bulky than our hemp prefolds but holds the same amount, if not more. It's not a true square, but that is minor issue.