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Sweetbottoms Newborn All In One GENTLY USED Cloth Diapers - 6-Pack

**These are GENTLY USED diapers from our Newborn Rental Program. They have been used by one baby for up to 3 months. They may have light staining. They are gender neutral colors -- no pink!**

Why wrestle with bunchy disposable diapers that never seem to fit around those itty-bitty newborn legs? Time and time again, Moms have reported that cloth diapers are a much better fit on newborns and are far better on their skin. But does going cloth right away seem like a futile investment since your tiny one will grow so fast in those first three months?

The good news: You can enjoy the luxury of snug-fitting, cloth diapers without investing big bucks in newborn-sized diapers. Buy them GENTLY USED for far less -- even less than you'd spend on disposables! And since these are yours to keep, save them for your next newborn and save even more!

Newborn Gently Used Package Includes:

  • 6 Gently Used GroVia Newborn All-In-One Diapers
  • (Buy More, Save More!) If you'd like to cloth diaper your newborn full-time, purchase 4 of our 6-packs so you will have 24 newborn-sized cloth diapers.

What else will I need to use cloth diapers?

At a minimum, you will need detergent and pail liners or wet bags for storage. These items can be purchased separately.

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