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Sweetbottoms Newborn All In One Cloth Diaper RENTAL Package - 24 Diapers + 3 Months + $100 Gift Card

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**Please include a note in the "Order Notes" section in the shopping cart to let us know your due date! We will ship your rental diapers to you approx. 2-weeks prior to your due date.**

Why wrestle with bunchy disposable diapers that never seem to fit around those itty-bitty newborn legs? Time and time again, Moms have reported that cloth diapers are a much better fit on newborns and are far better on their skin. But does going cloth right away seem like a futile investment since your tiny one will grow so fast in those first three months?

The good news: You can enjoy the luxury of snug-fitting, cloth diapers without investing big bucks in newborn-sized diapers. We let you rent them for far less -- even less than you'd spend on disposables! So, for the first three months of your child's life, pamper your wallet AND your precious newborn with our gentle, cloth diapers for as little as $66 per month. Bottom line: our rental program is the PERFECT solution to fill the gap until size small or one-size adjustable cloth diapers can comfortably cover your baby's bum.

Our package contains the diapers you need to cloth diaper your newborn full time, washing every other day.

Newborn Diaper Rental Includes:

      Note: Images shown are examples only -- Colors received will vary based on our current inventory, but we keep it neutral!

      Our Product: Our rental program uses BRAND NEW  cloth diapers.

      How it works:

      We provide you with 24 *brand new* newborn cloth diapers. You may keep them for three months.

      *Return the diapers by their due date for a $100 store credit!

        IMPORTANT: Please take the time to thoroughly read our TERMS & CONDITIONS. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

        What else will I need to use cloth diapers?

        At a minimum, you will need detergent and pail liners or wet bags for storage. These items can be purchased separately.

        Cancellation Policy:

        If you cancel your order more than 14 days prior to the start date, there will be a $20 cancellation fee. Cancellations any later are subject to a $40 fee.

        Note: Please do not use chlorine bleach on your rental diapers! This can seriously damage the fibers! The MOST EFFECTIVE stain removal for newborn stains is SUNNING! Just place your freshly washed diapers in the sun to dry and watch those stains disappear! Using chlorine bleach will forfeit your rental contract.

        Note:Discount coupons are not valid on diaper rental purchases. If they are used on your order, they will be charged from your deposit.

        Have more questions? Check through our Cloth Diaper Rental Terms & Conditions page as most questions are answered here. If you still aren't finding the information you need, please click here to contact us through our Contact Form. We will be happy to help you!

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