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Thirsties Organic Cloth Wipes (6 pack)

  • Thirsties Organic Cloth Wipes (6 pack)


    • Irresistibly soft organic textiles that gently, yet thoroughly, cleanse your baby
    • Two, buttery-soft layers, one side is organic cotton for smaller cleanups and the other is organic terry cloth for larger messes
    • 6 wipes per pack – 2 Moss, 2 Mango and 2 White
    • Cost effective – switch and save almost $500 over disposable wipes
    • Great as washcloths
    • For best results use with Thirsties Booty Luster wipe solution

    Introducing Thirsties NEW Organic Cloth Wipes, a two-sided reusable wipe that’s gentle enough to use on your baby’s most delicate areas, yet perfect for handling bigger, sticky messes that can occur during diaper changes.

    Our 2-ply organic cloth wipes come in a 6-pack of soft, gender-neutral colors, including 2 Moss, 2 Mango and 2 White. They measure 8 x 8.5 inches and have two, buttery-soft layers; one side is organic cotton and the other is organic terry. These new wipes are perfect for face, hands, bums and bath time.

    Aside from choosing to use cloth diapers, Thirsties Organic Cloth Wipes may possibly be the best investment you can make. The average household will spend over $500 on disposable wipes from birth to potty. In comparison, the average cloth diaper family spends $75 or less on reusable cloth wipes. In addition, cloth wipes are simple to use and can be tossed into your cloth diaper laundry.

    We recommend pairing your Thirsties Organic Cloth Wipe with our custom formulated wipes solution mist: Thirsties Booty Luster. Each component of our wipes solution has been carefully selected to not only clean your baby's diaper area, but to soothe and moisturize as well. Use Thirsties Organic Cloth Wipes along with Thirsties Booty Luster at every diaper change to clean thoroughly, yet gently, to moisturize and to help protect your baby from diaper rash.

  • Sizing:  8.5h x 8w


    Our two-sided wipes are made of:

    Cotton side: 100% Organic Cotton

    Terry Cloth Side: 90% Organic Cotton, 10% polyester

    6 Wipes per pack - 2 Mango, 2 Moss, 2 White


    Before use: Wash once using a cloth diaper safe detergent.

    At every wash cycle:

    -Prewash on warm

    -Wash on hot

    -Add another rinse on warm.

    -You may hang to dry, or dry in the dryer. If the wipes are stiff after line drying, you can throw them in the dryer on medium heat with some wool dryer balls to soften them.

    Important notes:

    Use enough water to soak and cover the diapering items and allow them to agitate.

    Please avoid the following:

    Sanitize or Whites cycles on HE machines

    Pure Soap


    These practices and/or additives can void the warranty on your Thirsties products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great wipes

This is a gift. Happy to shop locally. Great customer service!!

I love these wipes!

Great quality. I will definitely be buying more!

My fav wipes!

We have used these over the course of 3 babies now. I love them!! Not too thin and super soft.

Great for multiple uses

I originally bought these to use as reusable wipes and they worked super well. Very soft and absorbent. I now use them as wash cloths for the baby and they've worked well for that too. Highly recommend.

Great Wipes

They are very soft and do wipe very well.


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