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Wipes & Wipes Solutions

So...  You're using cloth diapers.  Why not use cloth wipes, too?  It makes perfect sense!  Soiled cloth wipes can be stored in your diaper pail along with your dirty diapers until wash time and can be washed right along with your diapers.  How easy is that!  Cloth wipes are soft, absorbent, and work infinitely better than disposable varieties.

Cloth wipes can be used on little bottoms and in all those precious little baby creases.  They also work great on messy toddler hands and faces, on runny noses, and in the bath tub, too!

Sweetbottoms® offers a great selection of wipes in a variety of fabrics and prints.  While we may be a bit biased, our personal favorites are the Sweetbottoms® Flannel Wipes!  Many of our customers agree with us!  ;)  Don't forget to check out our wipes solutions, too!