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Always enjoy ordering from Sweetbottomsbaby! Fast shipping and excellent service!

Lullaby Baby Tub

We love this stuff! The scent is dreamy and the power of CJs BUTTer is nothing short of magic! We use this on both our cloth diapered toddler and newborn and haven’t had any issues with diaper rash on either child! Also very useful for dry skin, cuts, big bites really anything skin related. A must have item in our house and highly recommend for yours

Beautiful necklace

I haven’t used the necklace yet. I purchased for my yet to arrive little one due to their effectiveness. The necklace arrived in ample time and it’s beautiful. I normally purchase a multicolor one, but I loved the look of the butter/lemon one, and it did not disappoint. Can’t wait to use it.


I have been taking these 3-5 times a day since i got them approximately 2 weeks ago. So far they have not helped at all, but the insert said it could take up to three weeks. Picture attatched is after a 45min pump, I expressed about 3oz for both sides together.

Worked after 24 hours! You will see results

I’m a breastfeeding (exclusively pumping) Mom of triplets. I purchased Moringa capsules at the hospital and needed more. These work BETTER then the ones I was taking. Seen results just after 24 hours. I have a lazy left breast and saw more in oz on that side. I have to take the max dosage to see the results I need as I’m feeding a lot of babies but point is these work. I do not taste a bad taste but they are a little hard to go down after swallowing. Will be purchasing more of these as I’m only 3 months into pumping. Thank you!


Not much benefit here. Went up to four a day and didn’t get much additional output.

Good oil option

I was pleased that I found a teething relief that had readable ingredients and also work!


These are amazing. By the third pill I took, my boobs were leaking. I'm amazed. I had mastitis and it destroyed my milk. I feel like I have hope again with breastfeeding.

Cloth diaper safe herbal balm

I recieved a herbal balm as a gift in one of my larger orders. I have always used natural diaper cream and salve but wasnt cloth diaper friendly so if my little ended upbwith a rash i had to use a disposable liner. His little bottom got really chapped from teething poops and after using my usual cream for a few days and getting it down to just irritated skin i put this stuff on it to give it a try and the next morning there was no dry skin or redness! 100% recommend!

Best Diaper Cream

Clears up diaper rash so quickly! Love this cream!


It's so nice to be able to get Grovia products with free shipping. I am full on the cloth diaper front, but I always need a bioliners so I am thankful to be able to grab those from you guys! These are the only liners we like as the bamboo ones were too soft and stuck to my son and caused rashes and bleeding. It wasn't fun. I was so glad to get back to Grovia's bioliners.

Best overnight diaper for infant through preschooler

I found Sustainablebabyish/Sloomb OBFs when my daughter was 7 months old (size medium). They have lasted her through the night when she was nursing every 2-3 hours and they still last through the night now that she is on the cusp of potty training at 3 yrs 3 mo. We spent the most time in size large (haven't needed the size or absorbency of an XL yet/ever?). We used with Disana wool covers, Blueberry old-style coveralls, and Diaper Rite covers. I am finally replacing one of our oldest ones that I purchased second-hand. Highly recommended!


6 month old daughter really wants to eat old newspapers and magazines... This is the best alternative we've found. Seems to hold her interest

It really helps!!!

This product really helped me to boost my milk supply, which I have been struggling with for so many weeks now. My baby is rejecting formula and I have tried many herbal supplements to increase my milk, but none made a big difference. I have now finally enough milk for her . What a relief!! In addition of that moringa is so healthy in general for the body....I really recommend this product.

Best amber!

These beads are gorgeous! Much bigger beads than I’ve found in the past. So glad I found them!

GroVia cloth wipes

We absolutely love GroVia cloth wipes! We have different colors for baby bottom, face washing, and wash clothes. They are perfect!

Great product

Exavtly what I neededand onw of the best brands out there! I was so happy to see that SBB carries plant therapy oils so i could get rid of yeast issues quickly and efficiently.

Best overnight diaper

We love our sloomb diapers. I had 6 diapers that we’ve used to shreds for our first child and for 15 months with our second, but needed something to get him through potty training. These diapers are it!!! No leaks, keeps him dry and happy and SLEEPING all night. We use with a thirsties cover and have been very pleased.

Need more wipes

They are very nice. Super absorbent. Could be a little softer.

Dissapointed it did not work actually

So first day I took this I thought it worked but it turns out it was a couple craft beers I had. :/ Unfortunately I have not found this to work very well and I used to be an over producer. With my first child, fenugreek worked much better. I had never tried this before, but decided to give it a shot due to other health benefits. Disappointed it really hasn't yielded more milk when pumping as I had hoped/expected due to other reviews I have read.

These are absolutely perfect

I had one grovia AIO that I got for my oldest (we do mostly fitteds with wool). I liked everything about it, except the elastics around the legs, they were pretty thick and marked her skin. I could live with that by perfectly adjusting the elastic to sit at the right place. I particularly like how trim these are. When I saw this new velour version I had to try one. Well, now I have one in each color, and I don’t think I’ll be able to resist if they make more colors. They are so so soft! And maybe because of that, the elastics are actually a lot thinner than the original one I have! In terms of absorbency, I never had to add a booster to these, so that’s awesome in my book.

Bougie diaper gets the job done

This baby held up 12 hours of pee and a morning poop without any leaks. Pretty impressive, if you ask me! I don’t think many disposables can do that! I used a Thirsties duo wrap cover and it worked brilliantly. At this point I don’t see the need for a wool cover when a duo wrap works just as well and is a lot cheaper! This diaper is definitely expensive, but it gets the job done. I will be investing in a few more to round out my overnight stash.

Well-made and Cute

This is a well-made, quality product. The stitching is nicely done and the overall product looks nice. I'm giving it as a gift; I think both the mom and the baby will like it. I searched for an organic "chew toy" that would be easy for baby to grasp (the rars) and which made a gentle noise (crinkle fabric inside ears). This was exactly what I was looking for.

Favorite baby balm

Glad I could get a large container for a discounted price. The sweetbottoms baby balm works great to keep my sons bottom moisturized and soothed.

Hybrid Shell

I loved the hybrid shell in Arctic so much, I decided to buy a second one! This is an awesome cover with great fit.