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Dolly Llama Kids

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Inspired by nature and it’s beautiful color palette, our Signature Swaddles and Monthly Milestone Swaddles were thoughtfully created to provide the perfect backdrop for those special first snapshots of precious new life. Made for the parents out there who seek soft organic textiles and fresh, creative designs. 

With Dolly Llama Kids, we’ll be there when you take some of the very first pictures of your new bundle of joy: laying on our Signature Swaddles and on our unique Monthly Milestone Swaddles. We'll be there to help comfort and soothe your sweet little one when they're unsettled. We’ll be there to offer a breathable cover to the mamas and babies who would like to have a little bit more privacy during their special feeding times. And after your precious sweet babies out grow being swaddled (tear)... 

Let us be there with you BEYOND THE SWADDLE - our blankets, along with the memories they hold, can and should be proudly displayed on the wall as nursery art to be cherished and enjoyed for a very long time… like until your little one goes to college or they have their own kids to pass their DLK swaddles down to. Hey, we can dream!

"We believe in treating our customers like family. We believe in creating quality organic goods that are beautiful and functional. Most importantly we believe in dreamy childhoods.” -Dolly Llama Kids

Now, let's make some memories! 📸