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Fitteds | Prefolds | Flats

Fitted Diapers (Fitteds) are shaped like a disposable diaper, but require a separate cover to make it waterproof. Most have snap or Velcro-type fasteners, although a few do not come with attached fasteners and require a pin or Boingo to secure them. Fitted diapers offer a very absorbent and leak-proof diapering option and are especially popular for nighttime use and newborn use, particularly for the first few weeks.

Prefold Diapers are what many people refer to as "old-fashioned" cloth diapers, but don't let that fool you! Prefolds are still an extremely popular option and you will find that most people who use cloth diapers have at least a few in their stash. Prefold Diapers are very versatile and the most economical diaper system available - a true workhorse. They can be folded in thirds and laid in a diaper cover or folded in any number of ways and secured with a Snappi, Boingo, or pin. They can also be used inside a pocket diaper or layed in an All-In-One diaper for added absorbency. They even make great burp cloths!

Flats are another great option for families on a budget. They are usually made of a single layers of cloth that can be folded in many different ways. They are very absorbent, but dry quickly. They are also easy to handwash if you don't have easy access to laundry.


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