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Pocket Diapers

Pocket Diapers have a pocket opening between the outer waterproof layer and inner stay dry layer. Before using a pocket diaper, you must "stuff" the absorbent insert into the pocket. Pocket diapers are the most popular style of cloth diaper and, once stuffed, are as easy to use as a disposable! Pocket diapers come in both sized and one-size options and may be made of natural or synthetic fabrics. They are available with either snap or Velcro-like closures. Since the inserts are not sewn in, pocket diapers allow for a quicker drying time (compared to All-In-One diapers) and make it easy to add additional inserts for naptime/nighttime needs.

Shopping on a budget? KaWaii brand diapers are a great choice and a favorite of many of Sweetbottoms® customers!


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