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Young Living Thieves Oil and Green Air Diffuser

September 08, 2014 3 min read


We recently started carrying Young Living Essential Oils and Green Air AromaMister Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers, and couldn’t be happier about it. Essential Oils have many wonderful uses, and are especially easy to use with a quality diffuser!

Young Living Essential OilsI interviewed CARE instructor Christina Hagan, of Healthy Steps NC, to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils and their uses.

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How long have you been using essential oils, and why have you chosen to use Young Living exclusively?

I was introduced to essential oils in 2003 when I was stressed and sick – the oils worked which made me want to learn more.  While in massage school I ended up with a collection of different brands of essential oils because everyone said they had the best!  I tested them on myself when I had an allergic reaction to medication.  From the meds, I started getting itchy bumps – the bumps started on my neck and continued to cover my body.

For some reason I decided to do an oil test right there and then.  I applied a spot of YL oil on the inside of my arm and another brand on the other arm and went to bed.  When I woke up – the only place on my body that did not have itchy bumps was where I put the YL oil.  That helped me to see that there is a difference in EOs.  I started to do more research and that is how I and ended up taking a CARE Intensive and becoming a CARE Instructor.

Young Living Thieves

What are the benefits of essential oils, and how do you implement them in your everyday life?

We use the oils in our massage practice regularly.  The oils help to relax muscles, so we use the oils practically in every massage.  I also use the oils when I’m doing manual lymph drainage, as the oils support lymph movement.  I use the oils in Raindrop Technique and AromaShapes.  EOs are easy self care tools for clients, so I share with clients simple ways they can use the oils to relax muscles, support sleep, reduce swelling, reduce colds and the flu and reduce appearance of cellulite. We use essential oils instead of over the counter meds and to clean our house.  We have successfully replaced common toxic products (over the counter meds, air fresheners, cleaning products and self care products) with essential oils!

We are giving away Young Living Thieves Essential Oil this month. What is Thieves used for, and how is it used?

Thieves is excellent to reduce the number of colds your family gets and to shorten the length of a cold.   Best ways to use as a preventative is to: apply 1-2 drops on each of the soles of your feet daily (for those under 18 months, dilute it 50/50); diffuse the essential oil when you and your family are in the room together.  What ever time that works for you…

Young Living Thieves EO and Diffuser

We are also giving away a Green Air AromaMister diffuser. How does a diffuser work, and where can it be used? 

There are many different types of diffusers – but the goal of all of them is to get that essential oil in the air in tiny droplets so you are breathing the oil and the oil is landing on everything in the room.  It helps you because you are breathing the oils, which then goes to your lungs and blood stream to help fight off those nasty bugs.  It also helps to fight off nasty germ bugs floating in the air and those that you carried into the house on your shoes, purses, books, etc…

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