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Our Employee Pick of the Month: July

July 14, 2014

July’s Employee Pick of the Month comes from Raquel.  She recently relocated to North Carolina after spending most of her life in Brooklyn.  Her daughter, Anaïs, just turned two this past April.  These two are kind and generous, and can usually be found in the front of the store or off practicing/teaching yoga.

Raquel's daughter, Anaïs

Raquel’s pick of the month is the Blessed Nest Organic Nursing Pillow.   Many mainstream nursing pillows are made from synthetic fibers, but the Blessed Nest Nursing Pillow is filled with organic bulkwheat hulls.  When Raquel was deciding on cloth diapers and other products she would use for Anaïs, having natural and organic materials was an integral part of what she chose. Raquel loves this pillow and recommends it for many reasons:

Blessed Nest Organic Nursing Pillow

  • it’s maleable-the pillow shapes and adjusts to fit your body and your baby’s.
  • it’s multi-purpose– the pillow can be used to help mom get comfortable, it can be used to support various nursing positions for baby, as a laptop pillow, etc.
  • it’s made by moms for moms-locally made with certified organic materials and designed specifically for moms
  • it’s organic and shipped in biodegradable materials-good for mom, baby and the earth
  • it can be used after nursing

Raquel said this several times. This pillow is useful for more than just nursing.

When nursing it is really hard to maintain good posture, in fact it tends to cause us to round our spines, which can lead to a sore, tight back.  Raquel recommends using the pillow to help alleviate that pain.

Her tip:

Lay on your back with the nursing pillow evenly placed between your shoulder blades. Then grab a rolled up towel or if you have it yoga block, and place that at the base of your neck.  Lay there and take some deep breaths. Just relax for a bit. You’ll feel your chest and back open up as you relax into this pose.  This is a great trick to use to help offset the effects nursing can have on your back and posture.

If you are looking for a great yoga class, check out Raquel’s class at the store on Thursday nights.

Yoga Class

 The Employee Pick of the month is a series that spotlights an employee at Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique and a favorite item in the store.

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